Screenshot/Fox News

Hillary Clinton has a very long running list of people and events she blames for her election loss in 2016.

Clinton's tell-all book about the 2016 election comes out Tuesday, which adds many more factors to that running list. One very brave Fox Business host took on the task of attempting to fit everything that Hillary has blamed for her election loss onto one TV screen.

Lou Dobbs and his graphics team deserve commendation for this attempt:

Screenshot/Fox Business

Dobbs said in the segment:

“Comey is the third Clinton fall guy put forward just this week, joining Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Hillary's pantheon of the duplicitous traitors who subverted her candidacy. But if you're worried the failed 2016 candidate is running out of material, have no fear. The list of scapegoats, culprits who Clinton has previously held responsible [...] could end up serving as a very useful doorstop.”

Watch the segment below.

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