A Christopher Columbus statue in New York's Central Park was vandalized early Tuesday morning with an eerie warning, “something's coming.”

According to CBS New York, Columbus's hands were painted red and the message “hate will not be tolerated” was written on the side:

The New York Post also reported that a piece of paper which read “save your soul” and included the “something's coming” hashtag was attached to the statue.

The vandalization was noticed around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning by a Central Park Conservancy employee, who immediately notified the authorities.

Sheri Berger, a local who was walking her dog through the park, told the NY Post, “it bothers me to see [the graffiti]. It’s not positive, it’s destructive.”

The 7-foot bronze Columbus statue was cleaned up shortly after the authorities were alerted:

This latest incident comes in the midst of a tough time for Mayor Bill DeBlasio who has been facing some backlash for skirting the question whether or not Columbus statues should remain in the city, CBS New York reported.

However, the mayor did announce that a special commission will be offering recommendations on city statues and whether they should stay or go.

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