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On Tuesday, Tim Cook and Apple announced several new products they are rolling out, including the iPhone X (pronounced “10”).

The iPhone X has a brand-new 2,436 x 1,125, 5.8-inch screen using OLED technology that allows it to display a brighter and lighter image with even better color accuracy and contrast than previous models. What this new, all-glass screen means is that the home button has been eliminated and replaced with a “swipe up” action to go home.

The new iPhone X also has facial recognition software, allowing you to unlock your phone by simply showing your face to the camera. Apple is calling its facial recognition “Face ID,” which can even recognize your face in the dark as it beams a light toward your face.

In a somewhat creepy design, the iPhone X has animated emojis that can be controlled by your face:

The camera on the iPhone X features 12MP dual cameras similar to the iPhone 7, but instead, the cameras have been aligned vertically with the flash in between.

The iPhone X will start at $999.

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