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A popular ESPN anchor was reportedly suspended earlier this year after commenting that the network was drifting away from what it does best: cover sports.

Politics is “definitely a percentage” of ESPN's drop in ratings, loss of subscribers, and staffing cuts, 25-year veteran of the network Linda Cohn said on WABC's “Bernie and Sid Show” back in April, as quoted by The Washington Post.

“I don't know how big a percentage, but if anyone wants to ignore that fact, they're blind," she stated.

“I felt that the old school viewers were put in a corner and not appreciated with all these other changes,” Cohn said. “And they forgot their core. You can never forget your core and be grateful for your core group.”

On Tuesday, Outkick the Coverage's Clay Travis reported ESPN President John Skipper told Cohn “not to come to work” after her comments:

In a piece published Wednesday afternoon, Travis wrote:

According to multiple sources inside ESPN — Cohn declined comment when reached by Outkick — ESPN president John Skipper called Cohn and screamed at her for having the gall to share her opinion in public and told her to stay at home instead of coming to work that weekend. Why was Cohn to stay at home? So, according to an irate John Skipper, she could have time to think about what she had said.

Many employees at ESPN were “furious” at the news, Travis reports, with some accusing the network of having a double standard about political commentary:

Said another, different ESPN personality, “If Jemele [Hill] can say that and Linda can’t say what she said, what kind of standard actually exists here? There isn’t one. There’s clearly a double standard. If you say things the company agrees with, you don’t get punished. If you say things the company disagrees with, you do get punished. Maybe even fired.”

Another prominent employee who also requested anonymity stated, “If I’d said Obama got elected because he was black is there any way I’d still be employed here? No chance. But Jemele can say Trump got elected because of white racists and no one does anything? They protect the people they agree with politically. They give them better jobs, more money, everyone can see it.”

Another employee recently contacted Outkick and said, “I pretend I’m a Democrat so I can keep my job here. And there are others just like me. We’re like a secret society inside ESPN.”

On Monday, ESPN anchor Jemele Hill sent a series of tweets about President Donald Trump and musician Kid Rock, accusing the former of being a “white supremacist" and the latter of "pander[ing] to racists” by using the Confederate flag.

At the White House press briefing Wednesday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called Hill's comments “outrageous” and a “fireable offense.”

ESPN's response claimed Hill's tweets “do not represent the position” of the company.

Some viewed this as a mere slap on the wrist, and the incident reignited the debate over the network's perceived liberal bias, as well as the extent to which politics should have a role in its sports coverage.

ESPN has not confirmed reports of Cohn's suspension.

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