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When Hailey Dawson was in utero, she was diagnosed with Poland Syndrome and, as a result, was missing three fingers when she was born. However, thanks to the engineering department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a 3-D printed hand is allowing her to participate in her favorite sport — baseball.

“There’s always baseball on TV at our house,” her mom, Yong Dawson, told “Today.” “Her dad is a coach, her brother plays and travels to games, and Hailey played T-ball, though this year she’s doing swimming instead.”

While a lot of kids dream of becoming professional baseball players, Hailey's goal is a little bit different. She hopes to throw out the first pitch for all 30 MLB teams, and game-by-game, she's getting closer to achieving that feat.

First, it was the Baltimore Orioles in 2015:

Her next opportunity came two years later when she was invited to a Washington Nationals game in July:

“Today” reported that recently the Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, New York Mets, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s have all invited the 7-year-old to throw out the opening pitch.

The Kansas City Royals, Miami Marlins, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco GiantsLos Angeles Angels, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston Astros, Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, and San Diego Padres have all gotten on board, too, as well as minor league teams.

Throwing out the first pitch at one game, let alone multiple games, is an honor in and of itself; however, Hailey just got invited to throw out the opening pitch at one of the most decisive games of the season.

According to Bleacher Report, on Oct. 28, before the teams take the field, Hailey will take the mound. In case that date doesn't mean anything to you, it's Game 4 of the World Series, and it could be the night one team earns the title of 2017 World Series champions.

“Our family is so excited! Thank you @MLB for this opportunity!” Hailey's official Twitter account commented Wednesday on the announcement.

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