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Sarah Sanders had a brawl of a press briefing.

She hit Hillary, Obama, and James Comey. However, perhaps her most savage insult was saved for Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. Bernie, who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, is currently pushing a “Medicare for All” bill. The bill is growing in support in the senate.

Sarah Sanders was specifically asked by reporters if Trump, who is meeting with Democratic leaders Wednesday evening at the White House, would support it given his comments at the beginning of the year saying he wanted “insurance for everybody”:

“In January, the president gave an interview to The Washington Post saying he wanted to see a program that would allow for insurance for everybody and that would leverage Medicare and Medicare's ability to control drug prices. Bernie Sanders seems to be offering a plan that would do that. Why does the president not support it?”

Sanders dropped the boom on the questioner, saying if America wanted socialized medicine, Bernie would be in the White House (emphasis added):

“Not only does the president not support it but America doesn't support it or Bernie Sanders would be sitting in the Oval Office right now. He pushed these ideas forward during the campaign, they were rejected. Not just by America but Democrats. He didn't make it through the primary, he didn't make it into the Oval. I think that's a pretty clear indication of what America wants to see and it's not a single payer system.”


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