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It didn't take long for the “Hand In Hand” telethon held to raise money for hurricane relief to turn political on Tuesday. Stevie Wonder, in a somewhat ironic statement, made the claim that if you do not believe in global warming, you “must be blind.”

Wonder stated (emphasis added):

“When love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences, and no political persuasions.  It just loves. As we should begin to love and value our planet — and anyone who believes that there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. Lord, please save us all.”


Beyonce appeared shortly afterward and said, according to the Daily Beast:

“The effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day. Just this past week, you've seen devastation from the monsoon in India, an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico, and two catastrophic hurricanes. We have to be prepared for what comes next.”

It's almost as if they sat down before the concert and binged watched Al Gore's movies and were convinced climate change was the reason for all of the recent disasters.

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