Screenshot/ABC 7

The International Olympic Committee officially announced Wednesday that Paris, France, would be granted the 2024 Olympics while Los Angeles would be awarded the 2028 summer games.

CNN reports that the award to L.A. became a fait accompli just a few short weeks ago when other cities moved out of contention, worried about cost overruns.

But L.A. did something a little different in the run up to Wednesday’s announcement. It arranged to have the city’s most famous landmarks to glow in Olympic colors. Check out the video of it below.

Among the landmarks all lit up on Tuesday night were The Coliseum, which also lit the Olympic torch. The Capitol Records building, L.A. City Hall, L.A. Zoo, Disney water tower, and Greek Theater were outfitted in the Olympic rainbow colors.

The United States has not hosted an Olympics since the Atlanta games in 1996. L.A. last hosted the games in 1984.

L.A.’s Olympic committee estimates that the games will cost $5.3 billion.

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