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President Donald Trump often spends his Sunday mornings on Twitter, and this Sunday was no exception.

He began by taking care of a little business — correcting a spelling error made in a Saturday-evening tweet endorsing Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (which Trump initially spelled “Shuette”) in the upcoming gubernatorial race:

But then he began his weekend update, announcing directly to the people what he has been doing so far this weekend (spoiler: it involves North Korea):

Oh, this could get interesting.

People immediately seized on the fact that Trump had referred to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man” — and several thought it was, at best, ill-advised:

However, the majority just thought it was hilarious:

And many just chalked it up to the constantly escalating rhetoric that has become the norm for the U.S. and North Korea:

Kim Jong Un, whose regime launched a missile several days ago that passed through Japanese airspace, has not yet delivered a response to Trump's comments.

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