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Melania Trump addressed a United Nations luncheon Wednesday afternoon in New York City.  The themes of her speech hit on being a good example for children, anti-bullying, and good parenting notes. The short speech was an emotional and heartfelt one for the first lady, who rarely speaks to large audiences in public and prefers one-on-one settings.

While Melania's speech was well-received by those at the U.N. luncheon and many on social media, a CNN panel directly following the speech savaged the first lady for being a hypocrite on anti-bullying because she is married to Donald Trump.

CNN host John King asked his panel how Melania's speech would be seen by critics since her husband is the president.

“One of the criticisms of this, she gave a speech she wanted to protect children in this age of social media from bad voices on media,” King asked, “Critics immediately say, 'What about your husband, the president?'”

Veteran CNN reporter Dana Bash was quick to follow up, saying she can't show her children Trump's Twitter since they may see this GIF of Trump whacking a golf ball and it hitting Hillary Clinton (emphasis added):

“Those of us who have kids and can't show them some of the retweets by the president of the United States because we don't think it's appropriate to condone hitting a golf ball at a former competitor and knocking them over. See that there's more than a little bit of irony here. She should be commended, but come on.

When King asked again if it was unfair to attack Melania for the actions of her president husband, Bash had an even more absurd comment. Bash wondered aloud if Melania was using TV to send a secret message to her husband about their son, Barron Trump. Bash said:

“Maybe the message wasn't just to everybody in that room. Maybe the message was to her husband to say 'Remember, our children, our child, is watching.' So maybe she's trying to communicate with her husband the same way a lot of his aides do, by television.”

Wait. What? Melania is sending subvert messages to the president about their son Barron over a televised U.N. speech?


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