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Following his departure from Fox News following sexual assault allegations, Bill O'Reilly returned to the network as a guest on “Hannity” and was firing on all cylinders.

Wasting no time, O'Reilly doubled down on the controversial subject sweeping the nation: NFL players and coaches are kneeling during the national anthem.

O'Reilly brought up the fact that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens knelt for their own flag in America; however, when they played in London, they stood for the British national anthem.

It was something he stood firmly against, telling Hannity:

"I was angry and sad, because I don't believe those players know what they're doing.

About 3,000 miles east of you, there are American military people in Kandahar, Afghanistan, whose entertainment revolves around the Armed Forces Network, that broadcasts football games."


“Can you imagine putting your life on the line ... and seeing your players, your American players, disrespect your country and the flag on foreign soil?”

While O'Reilly's message was powerful, he didn't only talk about the NFL controversy.

Being that it had been months since he was last on the network, O'Reilly said he wished he'd “fought back” when advertisers began pulling from his show over the illicit allegations, Business Insider notes.

When host Sean Hannity asked whether O'Reilly would come back on the show, he responded by saying, “I'll come back,” indicating he had to so he could sell his book.

Check it all out in the video below:

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