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Buffalo Bills stadium worker Erich Nikischer quit his job at New Era Field after several players chose to kneel during the national anthem before Sunday afternoon's game.

After pledging to never return to the stadium or watch an NFL game until the protests end, Nikischer explained why.

“I have a lot of friends that are veterans, I have family members that are disabled veterans, and my father is a Korean War vet,” he said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.” “The national anthem and the flag mean a lot to me.”

Nikischer, who first started working security for the Bills in the early 1990s, said his father called him after he quit and was “in tears with pride.”

“I believe kneeling ... is the players saying, 'There's a problem; someone else fix it,'” Nikischer said.

“If they went out into the community, took some time and did something ... as opposed to just kneeling,” then that would be more constructive, he believes.

Watch Nikischer's interview below.

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