On Tuesday, the NFL held a “weekly social activism” meeting with players amid controversial national anthem protests and declining viewership.

Apparently, some players were upset that Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who first “took a knee” during the national anthem, wasn't invited to the meeting. It seemed Kaepernick wasn't happy about it, either, as he retweeted several tweets from NFL reporter Jason La Canfora:

Kaepernick's legal team also released an official statement on his exclusion from the meeting:

Hours later, Benghazi hero Kris “Tanto” Paronto tweeted directly at Kaepernick regarding his activism and included a photo:

The photo showed several American soldiers kneeling. The caption reads, “Real Men Taking a Knee.”

Players refusing to stand for the national anthem continues to be the most divisive issue in all of sports. The majority of NFL fans have made it clear they do not support players protesting during the national anthem out of respect for the military and United States of America.

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