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For nearly three days now, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL) has been involved in a battle of the he-said-she-saids — she initially sparred with President Trump, but by Wednesday White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly had tagged in.

Kelly was uniquely qualified to address the situation — concern over whether or not the president had been empathetic enough in a phone call he made to the grieving widow of a fallen Green Beret — because of his own personal experience as a Gold Star father.

But the very public battle went sideways, with Kelly referring to Wilson as an “empty barrel,” implying that she was making a lot of noise without presenting anything of substance. Wilson quickly accused Kelly of directing racist attacks at her.

MSNBC host Joy Reid jumped into the fray on Friday, doubling down on Wilson's accusations of racism:

And although Reid was unable to see the irony in her own statements, no one else missed it...

Well played, Ms. Reid.

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