Michelle Obama Campaigns With Hillary Clinton In North Carolina

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is back in the spotlight.

No, it's not about her book tour as she tries to address “What Happened” in 2016. Instead, it's about Clinton's emails.

While it might seem that the issue isn't a big one, with the presidential election settled nearly a year ago, the number of emails that State Department has yet to look at is staggering.

According to Law Newz:

So far, the State Department has processed more than 32,000 pages of Hillary Clinton‘s emails as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. At a recent court hearing, however, the Department acknowledged that this isn’t even half of the total number of records that they have to release.

According to a press release from the organization, the State Department admitted in federal court that they still have 40,000 pages of emails that they still have to go through.

“Secretary Tillerson should be asked why his State Department is still sitting on a motherlode of Clinton emails,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “It is disheartening that an administration elected to ‘drain the swamp’ is stalling the release of documents to protect Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.”

When the controversy surfaced during Clinton's campaign, it was reported that she had deleted 33,000 emails. Twenty-two of Clinton's emails that were looked over were deemed top secret. The subject matter of the emails that the State Department is looking over is unclear at this time, but if the emails contain anything significant, Clinton could find herself in the middle of a scandal again.

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