Ouija board

Two Vice Media journalists decided on Thursday to try summoning socialist philosopher Karl Marx's spirit using an Ouija board — and they broadcast it on Facebook Live.

One of the two women in the video said capitalism is “the spookiest thing of all,” adding that it “terrifies me in my core late at night.” So they decided to contact one of the most anti-capitalist philosophers of all time.

The video was shared by Broadly, an offshoot of Vice Media specifically targeting female readers.

“I think [Karl Marx is] necessary now more than ever,” one of the women said.

However, after spending roughly 30 minutes trying to contact Marx's ghost, the two women failed to connect with the famed socialist.

Instead, they claimed to have reached some other non-human entity that was hoping to speak with Monica Lewinsky, the 1995-1996 White House intern famous for her affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

Aside from that, the Facebook Live event was fairly uneventful. One of the women in the video said she would like to conduct a “monthly séance” in the future.

“Yeah, I feel like we should go to a cemetery,” the other woman said.

You can watch the bizarre video below.

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