Actor Dean Cain Puts Kaepernick on Blast: 'If They Are Poison in the Locker Room — You're Done'

| OCT 29, 2017 | 5:33 PM

After more than a year of protests in the NFL and a failed attempt to make it as a free agent, Colin Kaepernick has been invited to meet with the NFL Players Coalition and several members of the NFL leadership.

The Washington Post reported:

NFL players are proposing to meet Monday in Philadelphia with league representatives in the wake of controversial comments made during a recent owners’ meeting by Houston Texans owner Robert McNair.

The meeting would include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, McNair and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who began the players’ protest movement last season and recently filed a grievance accusing teams of colluding to keep him out of the league.

Fox News host Jesse Watters invited actor Dean Cain to his show on Saturday evening to discuss the sequence of events. Why Cain? The actor, best known for his role as Superman in “Lois and Clark,” isn't just any fan — he played football for Princeton University, and went pro, playing free safety for the Buffalo Bills “for about an hour and a half” until a knee injury sent his career in another direction.

Cain pointed out one thing that many leave out when talking about Kaepernick: He ultimately doesn't have a team because he opted out of his contract. He made a choice, he took a chance at being picked up as a free agent, and no one jumped:

"He was on the downswing of his career. He opted out of his contract. People fail to say this all the time, he opted out of his final contract, the final year of his contract, testing the free agent market, and nobody wanted to pick him up.

The thing about it, he’s having this meeting with the owners and it’s about ... they’re 'colluding to keep him out,' here’s the deal: on a team, when you play on a team, if you have somebody — I don’t care how good they are — if they are poison in the locker room … you’re done. The chemistry is something that is very tangible, and I know some players who were great, who were poison in the locker room."

Cain went on to discuss the way the protests have been handled (he's not a fan) and what we might see from him if he were still playing: “I would never take a knee.”

You can watch the segment below, via Fox News.