HIV-Positive Man Intentionally Passed Disease to 30 People Plus 14-Year-Old. Now His Sentencing Is In...

| OCT 30, 2017 | 2:04 PM

Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

A 33-year-old man who passed HIV to over 30 people in just seven years says he did not realize the severity of his consequences.

According to reports from BBC, Italian accountant Valentino Talluto, who called himself “Hearty Style,” intentionally infected his partners after finding out he had the virus in 2006. His youngest culprit is just 14 years old, while another has since passed the virus to her baby.

Talluto reportedly met his victims online and through dating apps, where he would wine and dine them so they would fall for him before he would ask to engage in unprotected sex.

When some of the women asked him to wear protection, Talluto reportedly said he was either allergic to them or that he had been tested for HIV recently and was negative, BBC reports.

As for the individuals infected, many of them came to Talluto after discovering they had the virus, which he would deny having or passing to them.

In light of his egregious actions, Talluto found himself in a courtroom recently, where a hefty sentence was given to him for his reckless actions.

That sentence was 24 years behind bars, for what his prosecutor called “willful injury” and his role as the curator of an “epidemic.”


“His actions were intended to sow death.”

Talluto, who was dating up to six women at one time, said he was not trying to infect anyone but that these multiple women were people he cared about. He stated:

“Many of the girls know my friends and family. They say that I wanted to infect as many people as possible. If that had been the case, I would have gone for casual sex in bars, I would not have brought them into my life.”

Despite Talluto's plea, the judge, who deliberated his sentencing for over 10 hours, came back with just short of a life sentencing as the prosecutors wanted.

Regardless of all the allegations against Talluto, one of the women he infected has forgiven him, saying they're in love and want to get married.