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Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, there has been a severe criticism of the ownership of semi-automatic rifles.

As usual, the AR-15 has become a target of those who hope for stronger gun control measures. While it was revealed that Stephen Paddock used a bump stock for his weapons to mimic automatic gunfire, there has been some extremely over-the-top reporting on the rifle.

A graphic that was shared by USA Today shows an AR-15 with a grenade launcher attached to it:

The caption says a 40mm grenade launcher can be used as an accessory for the weapon.

One major problem with the description is that a grenade launcher is a Class 3 firearm. In order to obtain a grenade launcher, the interested party cannot just buy one at a local gun store. It has to be bought through an FFL dealer, and then the person who purchases the item needs approval by the ATF.

Independent Journal Review talked to two special forces guys about the graphic. They had a lot more to say.

Eliran Feildboy is a former member of Sayeret Tzanhanim, an Israeli special operation forces RECON unit.

Eliran Feildboy/Independent Journal Review

Feildboy said:

"This graphic is made to scare people. Not only visually but consciously with big words such as it could, it would, and it will with this and that it has these possibilities. It's like taking a truck picture and attaching big a** monster truck wheels to it and saying the same thing.

It's a f**king disgrace and people will ride on this whole thing to change population perception."

Zac Oja is a former Army Ranger.

Zac Oja/Independent Journal Review

Oja acknowledged that the graphic is more misleading than inaccurate. Yet he has never seen a civilian with a grenade launcher.

Oja said:

"The bigger picture is the shift of responsibility in the narrative. Once again, it becomes an inanimate object discussion and not one of individual responsibility, it becomes something much larger and more likely to interfere with millions of law-abiding citizens.

As far as the 'grenade launcher mount' and its accompanying description, I have literally never seen ONE civilian that has a grenade launcher let alone one that mounts under the barrel. So that portion is entirely ridiculous and unnecessary, and to include it in the overall scheme of what a rifle is and SOME of its features is absurd."

Meanwhile, the call to limit the sale of the AR-15 or ban it entirely from public purchase continues.

Please note: This is a commentary piece. The views and opinions expressed within it are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of IJR.

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