shooting victim

Thomas Gunderson, the Las Vegas shooting victim who was shot in the leg and still stood up to greet President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, gave his first TV interview Thursday and revealed more details about the hospital meeting.

Speaking to Sean Hannity from his hospital bed, Gunderson was adamant he could tell the president truly cared.

“I don't care what anybody has to say to me, he cared. He wanted to listen to me and shake my hand and thank me and was just so awesome,” he said. “And Melania was so sweet. To me, it felt like they genuinely cared about the people here and what happened.”

When asked about why he insisted on standing for the president even after Trump told him not to get up, Gunderson said, "I just wanted to show them respect.”

Gunderson also relived some of the horror of the fateful night when a gunman unleashed a hail of gunfire on concertgoers in Las Vegas, killing 59 people, including himself, and injuring hundreds more.

He thought the gunshots were malfunctioning speakers or firecrackers at first. But once the pandemonium broke out, he realized what was happening.

Watch Gunderson’s interview on “Hannity” via Fox News below.

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