With the Las Vegas mass shooting still fresh on the minds of Americans everywhere, the media is continually discussing guns.

On Thursday, CNN addressed Stephen Paddock and how he used a bump stock on his semi-automatic weapon. Instead of offering commentary about the bump stock, though, the network posted an animation of an AR-15 on the screen.

But there were a few problems with it.

The rifle had a grenade launcher attached to it and a suppressor. Further, the animation was incorrect in its portrayal of how a bump stock works.

Independent Journal Review was given a thorough explanation of the reason the graphic was off.

Brad Tonkin, a firearms expert and counterterrorism expert, created a video explaining why the animation was “dumb.”

“Yeah. It doesn't have a bump stock on it. It looks like just an adjustable stock moving in and out that they sped up,” Tonkin said.

Then, he completely broke down how a bump stock works in a brief presentation and the reason CNN didn't get it right.

You can watch how he did it in the video below.

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