Firearms instructor Mike Brown, aka “Instructor Mike,” has created an educational video of sorts for the gun control crowd. A PSA, if you will.

The former criminal justice professor is well aware, as are all staunch defenders of the Second Amendment, “gun-grabbers” eagerly jump at the opportunity to exploit every mass shooting in America by immediately blaming firearms, the NRA, and lawmakers who stand in the way of stricter gun control laws.

Brown posted the short video, which received more than 7.5 million views in three days, on his Facebook page:

The video begins with Brown seated in front of several firearms, two of which are semi-automatic. After placing live rounds in the guns, he anxiously waits for the shooting to start: “Here you have all three loaded firearms … here we go.”

Alas, no action. Brown then decides on a different tactic.

“Maybe if we try the drill instructor approach, maybe we might get a different outcome,” he says, before yelling at the guns like a, yeah, drill instructor:

“What are you waiting on?! You need to jump off your freaking [...] right now! You need to start killing people! Start moving! Start killing people right now! What are you waiting on?!”


He decides on a “humoristic approach,” and proceeds to gently whisper to the guns: “What are you waiting on?” He finally tries coaching the guns into action.

Yeah, no.

In the end, Brown comes to a “startling” conclusion, as he admonishes:

"Maybe, guns in and of themselves don’t kill people. Even if you fully load them up, they just don’t start just killing people. Maybe it’s the dumba** people that we need to worry about who have the firearms in their possession.

And by the way, all of these are semi-automatic. Even if they were automatic, they would still produce the same result. They require some sort of physical manipulation in order for them to be effectively operated."

“Stop attacking tools,” he said, and “start focusing on people.”

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