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Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a Columbus Day message for America.

The former San Francisco 49ers QB has been in the spotlight over the recent NFL firestorm he inspired by sitting out the national anthem. His protest reached new heights when President Trump joined the fray, declaring that players who sit out the anthem should be fired. The comments sparked en masse protests throughout the NFL and a national dialogue on the issue.

As the protests heated up, Kaepernick has remained active on social media tweeting and sharing supporters and controversial statements alike. One of those hot takes was shared on Monday, Columbus Day.

This morning, Kaepernick retweeted college professor Christopher Petrella of Bates College who shared an image of Columbus discovering America and raising a Christian cross in the background accompanied by a quote from author James Baldwin:

"These stories are designed to reassure that no crime was committed. We've made a legend out of a massacre.”


And the hashtag #AbolishColoumbusDay:

Happy Columbus Day from Colin K!

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