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Golden Knights

Gary McCabe/Flickr

When it comes to attending a professional hockey game, there are a few staples you'll see when you take a peek at the ice.

Of course, you will see hockey players:

Rhys A./Flickr

At some point during the game, you should catch a glimpse of the puck:

Keith Allison/Flickr

However, there is one thing these photos show that you won't see at the Vegas Golden Knights home opener Tuesday night — advertisements on the rink boards.

On Twitter, the Golden Knights announced Tuesday that instead of using the space to earn money from advertising, the organization will use the space to “reflect who we are.” In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, “who we are” is “Vegas Strong”:


“It's not going to be a typical opener — we will save that for Friday,” Golden Knights general manager George McPhee told USA Today. “[Tuesday] night is not about us. It's about honoring and remembering the victims, supporting their families and recognizing the first responders who did tremendous work.”

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman explained that home opener plans were altered after Stephen Paddock opened fire on innocent concertgoers on Oct. 1.

“What will take place will be in the spirit of what I believe sports teams mean to a community — bringing people together in a sense of unity,” he added.

Most people praised the Golden Knights' decision to honor the victims, and while some people took umbrage with the ads that remained on the ice, others pointed out it's a bit difficult to remove images that are placed under the ice.

The Arizona Coyotes, who will face off against the Golden Knights at 10 p.m. ET, announced on Twitter that in solidarity with the home team, their players will wear “Vegas Strong” decals on their helmets.

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