Dana Bash

CNN political correspondent Dana Bash wants to know when the Obamas are going to speak out against embattled film producer Harvey Weinstein.

After six days of silence, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finally rebuked Weinstein, who is facing a slew of sexual harassment claims and a handful of rape allegations.

On Tuesday, Clinton said she is “shocked and appalled by the revelations” about Weinstein. But former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have yet to say anything about the movie mogul.

“Where are the Obamas?” Bash asked, clearly dumbfounded by their silence. “Where is Michelle Obama? Where is President Obama? Harvey Weinstein was — and probably is — still a big supporter of them and certainly of the president’s political efforts.”

She went on to ask CNN host Wolf Blitzer if he can “imagine the outrage” if Weinstein was a Republican donor and the GOP's top brass “weren't condemning this behavior.”

“It makes no sense at all that they are not coming out and saying something, never mind the question of donations,” Bash added.

Following the news of the allegations against Weinstein, several Democratic lawmakers have pledged to return Weinstein's donations or forward them to charity. For her part, Clinton, who has benefited handsomely from the film producer's fundraising, has not announced what she intends to do with his contributions.

Watch Bash's comments below.

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