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Harvey Weinstein’s alleged predatory sexual behavior has landed him in the middle of a scandal befitting one of his Hollywood blockbuster movies. Now the friend of the Obamas and Clintons has fled the country.

TMZ reports that Weinstein left Los Angeles Tuesday night to go to “a rehab center in Europe for sex addiction.”

Weinstein is bicoastal and has lived in the Hamptons, Connecticut, Greenwich Village and L.A.

But it’s worth pointing out that the mogul could have stayed right in the L.A. area to get his “sex rehab” taken care of.

In fact, he lived in an area where such rehab facilities are as plentiful as his alleged victims.

Just look at the list:

Passages Malibu comments that this has been the 30-day home of many celebrities:

Celebrity and other high-profile guests can enjoy amenities such as ocean views, massage rooms and marble floors during their stay. Other amenities for high-profile guests at Passages include a gym, private bedroom terraces, a swimming pool, gourmet chef and tennis courts. ... Prospective guests can anticipate a cost of just under $40,000 for a 30-day stay. ... [C]elebrities such as Andy Dick, David Hasselhoff and Stephen Baldwin ... have been guests at Passages.

Promises Malibu

Screenshot/Promises reports that this facility has been the home of many Hollywood glitteratti:

[T]he chosen rehab facility for such high-profile individuals as Britney Spears, Ben Affleck, Diana Ross and Robert Downy, Jr. Located in Malibu, this drug and alcohol treatment facility has quickly become one of the most popular not only in the United States but the in the world. This posh Oceanside facility utilizes holistic healing strategies at a price of just under $9,000 a week.

The Hills, Hollywood Hills

Screenshot/The Hills

The treatment center, established in 2010, treats all kinds of addictions, including sexual addictions.

Blue Tiger, Palm Springs

Screenshot/Blue Tiger

Only four men are treated at a time in an exclusive, but rigorous, boot camp-style treatment facility less than a two-hour drive from L.A.

Rehab facilities are so plentiful in Southern California, near Weinstein’s West Coast digs, that in Malibu there’s one rehab spot for every 800 residents. It’s so prolific that residents have begun complaining about them and regulating them in Malibu and Laguna Beach.

Others are not too far away for a man with a private jet.

The Meadows is a 90-minute flight to Arizona.

Recovery Ranch is located near his East Coast home in Pennsylvania.

New Beginnings Ranch is in Montana, where Hollywood is currently invading.

Many addiction treatment centers can also treat sexual disorders but as a secondary problem to substance abuse, as a Prive Swiss (Laguna Beach — a one-hour drive from L.A.) spokeswoman told Independent Journal Review.

It’s clear that Harvey Weinstein had plenty of options of getting help right in his own backyard, without fleeing the country to do it.

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