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Eminem broke his silence on how he feels about President Donald Trump on Tuesday. And it created a firestorm of controversy.

In an acapella video, the rap artist said, in part:

"Now if you're a black athlete, you're a spoiled little brat for trying to use your platform or your stature to try to give those a voice who don't have one.

He says you're spitting in the face of vets who fought for us, you 'b***hes' Unless you're a P.O.W., whose tortured and battered because to him you're zeroes because he don't like his war heroes captured."

Then Eminem goes further, as he holds up a fist. “This is for Colin ball up a fist,” he says, “and keep that sh*t balled like Donald's a b***h.”

Eminem's reference to Kaepernick caught the quarterback's attention.

Kaepernick tweeted:

Eminem listed off a lot of crude things in his rap, which based on Kaepernick's statement, the former quarterback supports.

Just when some may have thought they heard the last about Kaepernick, one of the world's most famous rappers of all time goes and makes him relevant again.

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