Farmer Plows a Bold Message to NFL Protesters — He Had No Idea What Would Happen Just Days Later

| OCT 12, 2017 | 1:09 AM

A North Dakota farmer took a big stand in the NFL’s national anthem controversy, plowing a message just for the protesting players.

“We Stand For The National Anthem,” the message read.

Facecbook/Gene Hanson

The farmer, Gene Hanson, told “Fox & Friends” he had just one thing in mind when he plowed the message into the field:

“I didn’t think it was anything about black, white or brown, Democrat or Republican. It was about honoring our flag and our country. There’s a lot of people that died for it.”

Several days after his photo went viral, the president of the United States took notice of his farmland counter-protest. It's certainly something he likely never expected.

President Donald Trump gave Hanson a nod of approval on his massive Facebook page Tuesday.

“Thank you Gene Hanson — a GREAT American (and farmer) who is standing up for our flag, our anthem, and our country!” Trump wrote.

Trump told “Hannity” on Wednesday the NFL should have suspended Colin Kaepernick the first time he refused to stand for the national anthem to prevent the protests from spreading. The NFL seemingly sided with Trump, releasing a statement saying the league thinks players should stand for the anthem.

Watch Trump's remarks on “Hannity” via Fox News below.