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Ever since the blockbuster stories about Clinton and Obama fundraising bundler-turned-accused rapist Harvey Weinstein exploded into the headlines, it hasn’t been comfortable for the Democrats.

Weinstein was a friend of the powerful Washington elite and frequent Obama White House visitor.

The Obamas have issued a statement saying they were “disgusted” by the stories, and Hillary Clinton said she was “shocked and appalled.”

Hollywood starlet after Hollywood starlet has come forward with their own Weinstein story, which usually involves a bathrobe, massage lotion, and preplanned sexual assaults at hotel room “meetings.” Three women have reported being raped by Weinstein, according to The New Yorker.

But just as liberals like to posit “but her emails!” to mock conservatives upset about Hillary Clinton's private server and 33,000 “disappeared” emails, now come liberals attempting to bring Donald Trump into the Weinstein conversation. And it goes something like this, “but the 'Access Hollywood' recording!”

On Fox News's “Outnumbered,” Juan Williams attempted to bring up the infamous Billy Bush “Access Hollywood” tape in which the then-host of “The Apprentice,” Donald Trump, talked theoretically about how fame can get you sexual favors from women: “When you’re a star, they let you do it.”

Williams claimed hypocrisy by conservatives having a field day with the Weinstein story:

“I am somewhat amused that people on the Republican side are so delighting in this. [...] To me, how do you deal with Donald Trump and the vulgar things he has said about women and the record of his behavior with women?”

Co-host Kennedy was stunned:

“You really think there's an equivalency between someone who is accused of rape and someone who has said untoward, coarse things? You really see there's no difference between saying something vulgar and raping someone? You don't see a difference there?”

Lisa Marie Boothe told Williams who she believes the real hypocrites are:

“You have Hillary Clinton, who said that every sexual assault survivor deserves to be heard, took five days to say anything about this. You have people like Jimmy Kimmel going out there making passionate speeches about issues like health care. Where is one about this? He has been silent. You've got people like NBC, who along with ABC and CBS, spent in one week's time four hours and 13 minutes about alleged sexual harassment allegations against President Trump, canned a story on this knowing full well what was going on because it was brought to their attention. So what people are simply pointing out is the fact that all of these individuals are complete frauds.”

Several women came forward to accuse Trump of kissing them against their will and brushing their bums, and one accused him of putting his hand up her skirt at a nightclub.

Watch the sparky exchange below:

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