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It's no secret that Joe Scarborough isn't a fan of President Donald Trump. The MSNBC host spends a good deal of time going after the president.

Scarborough has said the GOP is a “party without a cause,” and he's called Trump's lawyers both “bumbling” and “stupid.” In addition, just this Thursday, Scarborough compared the president to two of the evilest men who ever lived.

Scarborough said, via The Hill:

"Of all the things — the shocking things the president has said, and he's said so many, channeling Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin by calling the media 'enemy of the people.'

Saying that First Amendment rights, saying the ability of newspapers to write what they want to write is 'disgusting' and someone should look into it, may be the most frightening of all."

The MSNBC host did something else Thursday, too. He announced he is leaving the Republican party to become an Independent.

The announcement from Scarborough was made on Twitter. And it came with a personal insult for Trump, too.

Scarborough tweeted:

But it didn't turn out so well for him.

Trump has yet to respond Scarborough's announcement. But if his feelings about “Morning Joe” in the past are any indication, we can probably expect a response soon.

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