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Over the last week, multiple women have come out with statements alleging Hollywood film industry giant Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted them.

While the news comes as a shock to many who have admired his films, it seems as though his actions were more known than once believed.

During an interview with WABC Radio host Rita Cosby on Thursday, actress Anna Wilding noted that while working with the Hollywood heavyweight, her male co-workers physically stepped in to protect her from him.

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Wilding told Cosby her male co-workers:

“...came up to me and literally stood between me and Harvey, they literally lodged their way between me and Harvey, and said ‘No Harvey, not Anna,’ or ‘No Harvey, not this one.’ It was quite extraordinary."

Wilding's statements only become even more disturbing as she continued, explaining she was urged to leave because she was not “safe,” as the New York Daily News notes.

The incident took place at a Miramax party during the 1999 Cannes Film Festival, and Wilding noted:

“They spoke to me afterward directly and they said, ‘Anna, you are not safe to be alone with Harvey,’ and they were very clear with me not to ever be alone with Harvey."

Since the allegations against Weinstein have come out, the director has been fired from the company he co-founded, separated from his wife, and has entered a sexual addiction rehab.

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