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It is no secret the National Football League is having problems keeping its fan base as football players continue to protest during the national anthem. One man is letting the Jacksonville Jaguars know exactly how he feels about their demonstrations.

Action News Jax reports local man Terry Smiley printed the following message on a banner and had it flown above EverBank Field before the game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams: “Be American. Boycott the Jags and the NFL.”

Smiley was prompted to take his boycott to the next level after Jaguars players took a knee during the national anthem while they were in London. While they knelt for the U.S. national anthem, they did stand for Great Britain's “God Save the Queen.”

“I am asking people to boycott the football games. I don't watch it on TV,” he said. “Do you believe in your country? Do you believe in 'The Star-Spangled Banner?' If you don't stand up for it now, you won't have it in the future.”

Smiley's message over the stadium flew for two hours.

“We boycott them and we hit them in the pocketbook where it [hurts] them. [Before] long, we'll have them on both of their knees,” he added.

Smiley did receive some pushback from fans. “They are taking it in a peaceful manner. They are trying to use their words and use their actions instead of taking it to violence,” Jaguars fan Jaumari Day said.

Watch the plane fly below.

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