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The NFL and its broadcast partners have made a quiet, unilateral decision to stop broadcasting the national anthem before games. Viewers on ESPN, Fox, and local affiliates have noticed that the anthem has been removed from the broadcasts of NFL games.

The move surely comes as a solution to the mass protest of the anthem, which was a PR nightmare for the league and threatened to unravel a network already in decline.

There are many mixed and passionate responses to the decision. However, one country music star has come up with her own solution to fans wishing to hear the anthem before the game. Country music recording artist Ayla Brown has sung the national anthem many times in her career, including before NFL games.

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The Nashville resident, and daughter of Trump's ambassador to New Zealand, Scott Brown, has come up with a genius solution: bypass the broadcast networks and sing the national anthem herself live for NFL fans who wish to hear it.

In a series of videos on Facebook on Sunday afternoon, Brown highlighted the controversy and explained that she was doing this for veterans and patriotic Americans who miss hearing their anthem played respectfully.

She also tagged the teams and matchups of the day and timed her performances to coincide with kickoff since she has a great deal of firsthand experience knowing when the anthem is sung and how to do it respectfully.

Brown made national headlines when she sang the anthem to open up the final night of the Republican National Convention, the night of Trump's nomination speech.

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Brown has an album coming out. You can hear it here.

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