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Of the 26 people who were tragically killed on Sunday when Devin Kelley stormed the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, eight were members of the same family and spanned three generations.

According to The Washington Post, the Holcombe family faced tragedy in epic proportions when the lives of eight loved ones were tragically cut short Sunday.

Bryan Holcombe, an associate pastor with the church, was approaching the pulpit when the shooting began. He was shot and killed, as was his wife Karla Holcombe. Their 36-year-old son Marc Daniel Holcombe and his 1-year-old daughter Noah Holcombe were also killed.

Bryan and Karla's other son, John Holcombe, managed to survive. Unfortunately, his wife Crystal Holcombe, who was eight months pregnant, was killed, as was their unborn son.

Three more of Crystal's children — Emily, Megan, and Greg — also lost their lives in the attack.

Surviving members of the Holcombe family know the time ahead will be difficult, but as they say, they're devout Christians and believe their family members went to a better place.

Bryan's father, Joe Holcombe, told the Post:

It’s of course going to be difficult.

We are Christians, we have read the book. We know the ending, and it’s good.

They’re in heaven. And they’re a lot better off than we are.

Following the shooting, the Holcombes started a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising money for funeral and travel expenses, counseling, and other things the family may need.

They have already raised over $60,000.

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