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MSNBC anchor Joy Reid didn't hold back after the shooting in Texas that left 26 dead.

On Sunday, Reid tweeted:

So how do members of the largest gun rights organization sleep at night? Independent Journal Review wanted to know. Here's what we learned:

Jodi Giddings of Idaho:

Jodi Giddings/Independent Journal Review

“Thanks to chemo, and the ensuing hot flashes, I don’t sleep great,” Giddings said. “But when I do finally fall asleep, I sleep well because I have a Glock next to me. Particularly if my husband is out of town. It’s an essential self-defense tool for myself and my child.”

Luke Chastain of Wisconsin:

Luke Chastain/Independent Journal Review

Chastain didn't take any stock in what Reid said.

“I sleep great, even with a 1-year-old. I don't concern myself with the ramblings of some cable news channel talking head,” he remarked. “I also sleep with several loaded firearms in the house — three Glocks, an AR-15 and 12 gauge shotgun.”

Andy Harris of Oregon:

Andy Harris/Independent Journal Review

"I sleep quite well. I'm a veteran who did two deployments to the Middle East, as a Marine and an infantryman. I think I've done more for my country than most, including her.

Also, my Cherokee-Chickasaw heritage makes me very cynical, when it comes to disarming citizens. The worst mass shooting in American history, as you probably know, was not Vegas or Orlando. It was Wounded Knee, perpetrated by those acting on behalf of our government.

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And yes, I have a loaded Glock 19 near where I sleep. My wife and kids know where it is, and I know they can access it if they feel the necessity as well. I have taught my kids to respect the responsibility that goes with firearms, and they know how to follow the rules to ensure safety."

Guy Auxer of Florida said, “The question is bathed in logical fallacy ... in the extreme. How do Ford or Chrysler owners sleep at night knowing the car company kills more people than guns?”

Kasey Jachim, also from Florida, doesn't have any sleeping issues.

“I sleep very well knowing there are millions of good Americans ready to protect us! Again, no NRA members found to be violent,” Jachim said.

There don't appear to be any problems sleeping at night for NRA members.

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