Willie Robertson Of "Duck Dynasty" Visits FOX's "Hannity With Sean Hannity"

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

After Sean Hannity gave the benefit of the doubt to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on his show, a firestorm of attacks followed, and one of his sponsors, Keurig, even pulled all of its ads. Instead of pulling the ads quietly, though, Keurig made an announcement via Twitter, which resulted in Hannity fans striking back.

Many took to the internet, boycotted the company and began smashing their Keurigs:

Now, another major sponsor of Hannity's show has pulled out, per The Hill. Volvo, a Swedish car manufacturer, replied to a Twitter user on Monday, but the tweet has since been deleted:

Twitter users quickly responded:

It will be interesting to see if this becomes a domino effect and other companies pull their ads in the near future.

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