ISIS Jihadists Getting a Second Chance at Life at 'Terrorist Rehab' In Syria

| NOV 15, 2017 | 8:11 PM

As ISIS spent three years murdering an untold number of people in Syria, the decision to open a clinic for rehabilitation won't sit well with some.

The Syrian Center for Anti-Extremist Ideology hopes to reverse the belief system the jihadists have had hammered into them.

According to Fox News:

One hundred students — composed of former ISIS fighters, sympathizers of the Islamic State who worked in civil society and foreigners who fought for the group before defecting and being detained in liberated areas — are enrolled in the program.

“Everyone has a point of weakness and thinking, from which, we can get into his ideas from a particular side and then remove this extremist and terrorist thought from his brain,” Hussien Nasser, the center’s director, told Fox News.

Participants will take part in programs, lectures and seminars covering Islam, psychological and intellectual development, media and entertainment. With the assistance of specialists who chair each session, the center has tailor-made initiatives to figure out what technique works best at de-radicalizing each militant.

It's unclear if such a program could be useful, but when it comes to Guantanamo Bay terrorists who were released back into society, 30 percent went back to fight Americans, per Politifact.

The following image shows the classroom setting at the facility:

As the program started in late October, there are currently no case studies to determine how effective or ineffective it might be.