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The torrent of allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace has claimed another media executive.

The Wrap reported that NBC Universal has fired Matt Zimmerman, a senior vice president for booking, for “inappropriate conduct with more than one woman at NBCU.”

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Zimmerman was the target of a passel of complaints to NBC's human resources department:

Sources say the allegations were recently brought to the attention of human resources. At issue were multiple relationships with women who were junior to Zimmerman and, in at least one case, a direct report, said one source. NBC News policy stipulates that such relationships must be disclosed to human resources.

Zimmerman, who was a senior vp at NBC News, is a veteran of The Today Show and in 2014 was elevated to lead a streamlined NBC News booking department.

NBC recently parted company with political pundit Mark Halperin, a staple of MSNBC's “Morning Joe,” who was accused by several women of inappropriate contact. According to the New York Post, that included “rubbing his erection” on women he worked with and “asking them for sex.”

Ever since Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was called out by dozens of women for his alleged sexual misconduct, a flurry of women and men have said “me too” and have begun telling their stories about Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Richard DreyfussBen Affleck, and other Hollywood luminaries.

As Fox News reported, NBC is still reeling from the Weinstein story:

Zimmerman's dismissal comes as NBC has faced embarrassment and a barrage of criticism for spiking an explosive expose on sexual misconduct by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The New York Times would eventually break the story, which led to a barrage of high profile men being accused of sexual harassment.

Tales of sexual attacks have come from California's state capitol all the way to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

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