Upon Reflection of Asia Trip, Trump Sums Up America's Message to the World in 5 Words

| NOV 16, 2017 | 12:18 AM
Donald Trump

On Wednesday, during a speech made from the White House, President Donald Trump reflected on his recent trip to Asia.

“When we are confident in ourselves, our strength, our flag, our history, our values, other nations are confident in us,” he said in his address.

He called being the representative of the United States on the 12-day journey his “profound honor” and highlighted what he told the rest of the world America is currently experiencing:

  • Economic growth
  • Unemployment is down
  • Stock market has gained trillions of dollars in value and reached record highs
  • Massive increases to military budget

The president called America's $800 billion trade deficit “unacceptable” and said the future of America's foreign trade needs to be based on “fairness and reciprocity.”

In support of this “fairness and reciprocity” goal, Trump cited Japanese companies committing to investments in the United States worth over $8 billion dollars and 17,000 jobs, and South Korean companies investing $17 billion in American projects.

Trump also said he spoke candidly with Chinese President Xi Jinping about “unfair trading practices that steal American jobs,” and added that “the days of the United States being taken advantage of are over.”

Ultimately, the president summed up his trip to Asia with a five-word message to the world: “America is here to compete.”

Watch below, via NBC News.