Sam's Club Turns Into Worship Session and All It Took Was a Few Customers and an Employee

| NOV 18, 2017 | 2:41 PM

Michelle Holland Conner/Facebook

On Nov. 10, Michelle Holland Conner paid a visit to Sam's Club in Dothan, Alabama — a place she admitted to IJR she finds herself almost daily.

As she rounded out her shopping, she heard music, which she assumed was coming from someone testing out speakers in the electronics department of the store. However, she noticed one unusual detail — it was Christian music, and people don't usually test speakers out with Christian music.

She found her son at the end of an aisle in the middle of the store, and he waved for her to come over. Then, she saw several people had already gathered to witness an impromptu singing performance.

The group segued into the song “My God Is Awesome,” which is when Holland pulled out her cell phone to record a video:

“It was a very spiritual moment,” she told IJR. “I was very blessed by it, and if you listen to the video, you'll hear a bit of laughter. At first, I thought, 'Who's laughing?' But then I realized it was joyous laughter.”

Holland added that just like herself, another woman in the crowd had tears in her eyes, and a man behind her repeatedly said, “Go God.”

The video, which she posted on Facebook, has been viewed over 8 million times. Given that it was “such a blessing” to experience in person, she explained the overwhelmingly positive reaction was both a surprise and not, but she added she's glad it can bless others as well.

Holland explained to IJR that throughout all of the attention the video has received, she's noticed a common thread: “It's hit people in a dark spot and added some light.”

“They're saying something similar to what I experienced in person that night,” she said. “I was having a bad day, and this just really blessed me and turned my day around, or I was in a bad spot, and this reminded me that God is good, and He is awesome or bigger than my problem.”

Both of her sons have been in the high school band, and as the president of the boosters club, she knows firsthand the powerful ability music has to “transcend different barriers.” When combined with the Holy Spirit, she added it's impossible to not “bless people wherever it goes.”

As for witnessing it in person, she explained to IJR it brought “positivity” and “energy” into what had already been a long day and reminded her that God is awesome, just as the song she recorded says He is.

“Sometimes days are longer than you wish that they were, but He's still awesome, and He's still on the throne,” she noted to IJR. “So, realigning our perspectives with the Eternal One makes things a little better.”

In the days following the impromptu musical worship, she connected with the two couples who were singing and learned that they're all involved in ministry in Georgia. The employee thought a radio had been left on, and when she saw the customers singing, she asked if she could join in.

Holland reiterated that a simple video of a small portion of her day has blessed so many others and declared, “I can never deny the power of God, that's for sure.”