After a career that most could only dream of in their wildest fantasies, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. just concluded his final race.

Earnhardt Jr. finished 25th at the Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday in the Ford EcoBoost 400.

Concluding a race that amounted to a lifetime of success in his sport, Earnhardt Jr. could have done whatever he wanted following the race.


However, all Earnhardt Jr. wanted to do was sit back and sip on a Budweiser.

Surrounded by friends, family, and many fans, Earnhardt Jr. got out of his car and headed straight for a cooler of beer, as Sporting News notes:

“Yeah, my thoughts are the beer cooler just got put on the trunk of the car. I'm going to have a beer with my team right here, right now and we had a lot of fun tonight. We got the car rolling pretty good and then I hit the wall and had a flat (tire) there at the end, but had a lot of fun out there. This is a fun old race track.”

And that's exactly what the NASCAR champ did, although he did a little more chugging than sipping once he got his hands on a cold one, as you can see in the post below:

And hey, if there's ever a time to deserve one, it's right then and there.

Earnhardt Jr. decided to retire after 18 seasons due to suffering from a number of serious concussions. In 2016, the race champ suffered one so serious that it sidelined him from his last 18 races during the season, Sporting News reports.

Earnhardt Jr. plans to continue working in NASCAR.

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