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The infamous Charles Manson died at the age of 83 on Sunday night.

Manson captivated the nation after he and his followers carried out a series of killings in 1969 — known as the Tate-LaBianca murders — when they took the lives of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

Following his arrest, Manson was initially sentenced to death. But after the death penalty was briefly ruled unconstitutional in California in 1972, his sentence was commuted to nine life terms, which he served until his death at a hospital in Kern County.

While the murders took place over four decades ago, Manson's legacy carried on as a number of documentaries, articles and films were made about the notorious cult leader.

Now, a new documentary on Manson is set to be released. “Charles Manson: The Final Words” follows him through the final year before his death and even comes up with a new theory on the reason the murders took place, according to TMZ.

While the documentary was originally set to come out in 2018, it will be premiering on Dec. 3 on Reelz due to his recent passing.

Below is a trailer for the chilling documentary, which lets viewers into the mind of Manson.

Warning: The video contains graphic content.

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