Throwback: Charlie Rose Interviews Kevin Spacey About Bill Clinton — Just Look at What They Said

| NOV 23, 2017 | 3:20 AM

In 2015, Charlie Rose, who is currently being accused of several instances of sexual harassment — including groping — interviewed actor Kevin Spacey, who is currently being accused of sexual harassment of minors, about his relationship with Bill Clinton, who's been accused of sexual assault by four different women.

During the interview, Rose called the relationship between Spacey and Clinton a “bromance,” which appeared to make Spacey uncomfortable as he asked, “Were you implying anything else?”

Spacey went on to explain that he did a lot of things for the Clintons and the president's campaign. He stated:

“I never waited to see which way the wind was going to blow with respect to him. I was always there. I was a true friend, never doubted him, never stopped believing him. I thought he was an extraordinary man. I took him as he was and I think that may be part of the reason why we got close.”

Watch the interview below.