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Even Master P is weighing in on the feud between President Donald Trump and LaVar Ball.

The famous rapper told TMZ that Ball should thank Trump for working with the Chinese government to bring his son and two other UCLA basketball players home after they were arrested on a shoplifting charge.

Trump responded directly to Ball on Wednesday when he refused to thank him during a CNN interview, telling the father that his son could still be sitting in a Chinese prison.

Master P apparently agreed with Trump on at least this issue.

“I just think it's a blessing to have your kids back at home, man,” the rapper said. “You gotta just be humble.”

Master P also said it's probably not the smartest thing to become public enemies with the president, even if you disagree with all of his policies.

“Just be thankful that your kids are safe, they are not in prison, and do the right thing,” the rapper said, referring to Ball. “He had something to do with your kid getting home, so right is right and wrong is wrong.”

Asked again if Ball should personally thank Trump, Master P responded, “that's what it should be.”

Watch the interview, via TMZ, below.

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