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Yeah, he didn't pull any punches.

Put mildly, British singer Morrissey is no fan of President Donald Trump. In fact, he says, as reported by The Washington Times, he'd kill Trump in a heartbeat, if he had the chance.

“For the safety of humanity.”

Asked if he would kill Trump if he had a “button” to press to do so, Morrissey replied:

I would, for the safety of humanity. It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity I would push.

Morrissey went on to blame the media for “creating” Trump:

The American media helped Trump, yes, they first created it.

Whether they criticize him or laugh at him, he does not care, he just wants to see his picture and his name.

The American media have shot themselves in the leg.

Morrissey lamented:

I never expected him to be elected. Maybe, I have no faith in the political elite anymore.

Perhaps the British singer fails to understand the true scope of the “political elite” in America. Just sayin'.

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