Love Her or Hate Her, Ann Coulter Just OWNED Al Franken

| NOV 27, 2017 | 2:55 PM

Stephen Lovekin, Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Ann Coulter.

The mere mention of Coulter's name — let alone anything she's said or written — in a political debate among friends often sets of fireworks.

The best-selling author delights in irritating liberals and attacking everything they believe, propose, do, or have done.

Such was the case with a tweet on Saturday about embattled Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), accused by four women of inappropriate sexual behavior — including “butt-groping”:

[Drops mic, walks off stage.]

Contrary responses were fierce, summed up best, in five words:

As reported by The Washington Post, Franken on Sunday told several Minnesota media outlets he feels “embarrassed and ashamed” about the allegations against him. Of the ”butt-groping,“ he said it's ”not something I would intentionally do."

Refusing to resign — as he prepared to return to work in Washington, D.C., on Monday — Franken said to his fellow Minnesotans that he's committed to “regaining their trust.”

Correction: Previously, this story inaccurately labeled Coulter as a Fox News contributor. We have corrected the error.