Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director who became notorious for his 10-day stint in the position, has recently targeted a college student over an op-ed.

According to The Boston Globe, the person in question was Tufts graduate student Camilo A. Caballero, who wrote a story about the hedge-funder in The Tufts Daily.

In the article, Caballero argued Scaramucci should be stripped of his position on an advisory board at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy:

A man who is irresponsible, inconsistent, an unethical opportunist and who exuded the highest degree of disreputability should not be on the Fletcher Board. ...

Scaramucci has, in his career and actions, demonstrated nothing that would align his values with those of the Fletcher School. His presence on the board instead places the credibility of Fletcher at risk.

The Globe reported that following the Nov. 6 article, the university was forced to postpone a Monday event with Scaramucci, who is an alumnus, after he “threatened to sue a student and the school newspaper for defamation.”

In an email to Caballero, Scaramucci wrote of the damning remarks surrounding him:

So either back it up or you will hear from my lawyer. You may have a difference of opinion from me politically which I respect but you can’t make spurious claims about my reputation and integrity.

Since news of the potential lawsuit broke, the student's professor tweeted:

The Mooch responded:

Scaramucci’s attorney, Samuel J. Lieberman, has since stated his client will refrain from pursuing the lawsuit if the student publicly apologizes for his defamatory claims, according to the Globe:

Mr. Scaramucci is ready to take legal action to correct these false and defamatory statements — and to prevent any further damage to his reputation — but will refrain from litigation if you retract the false statements and issue a public apology.

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