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During an appearance on CNN's Friday edition of “New Day,” documentary filmmaker Jon Alpert revealed what he sees as the real reason communism failed in Cuba.

It's America's fault.

As Alpert sees it, the United States purposely sabotaged Fidel Castro. According to NewsBusters, he said:

"Since we spent 45 years, we look at this under a very, very long line, so if you look at Cuba under Batista and the changes that the Castros initiated, those were useful changes.

The real tragedy is the ideas — the things that I agreed with — I think that you might agree with — universal free education, better health care for everybody, the alphabetization of the island — they never really got a chance to put into practice."

He wasn't done:

"There were some early years back in the '70s when Fidel bet everything on the sugar crop, sugar prices were at an all-time high, the money was flowing in — they were building schools, hospitals — they were doing the type of stuff that we want to do here in our country, then the United States took — and we dumped our sugar reserves on the world market, crashed the sugar price, blew the bottom out of the Cuban economy, the Soviet Union collapsed, 85 percent shrinkage in their economy.

At that particular point, they were out of gas, and they stayed out of gas for a long time."

To his credit, CNN's Chris Cuomo pushed back:

“That's just economics, you know. The criticism's going to be about human rights. Money isn't what made him punish democracy and punish free speech. That's where the criticism is going to come.”

Alpert went on from there, as he continued to promote his new documentary, “Cuba and the Cameraman.”

The video below shows Alpert's exchange with Cuomo.

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