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The Girl Guides are Britain’s version of the Girl Scouts.

They do many of the same activities as the U.S. girls do — cookie sales, campouts. They call themselves the same things, such as Brownies.

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But the fun place where girls are allowed to be girls has made a wholesale change.

The Daily Telegraph reported Sunday the Girl Guides leadership now welcomes boys who identify as girls — and that means sharing bathrooms and showers:

Julie Bentley, Girlguiding Chief Executive, said that the organisation follows the requirements set out in the Equality Act 2010, which states that organisations providing single-sex services must treat people according to their acquired gender.

Ms Bentley said: “In line with our values of inclusion, we welcome any young person who self-identifies as a girl or young woman.”

But there’s more. Bentley also said if girls have a problem sharing showers and bathrooms with boys they can ask for their own accommodations:

“If a young person doesn’t feel comfortable sharing accommodation, for whatever reason, we encourage them to talk to their leader about alternative accommodation and facilities."

That’s right: If the biological girl doesn’t feel OK about using the bathroom next to a boy who identifies as a girl, instead of asking the boy to use another restroom, the girl is encouraged to ask for other accommodations.

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The Daily Wire reported Tuesday, citing the Telegraph, the organization said the boys who identify need to use the same bathrooms and changing rooms because to do otherwise “can cause anxiety.”

The Daily Telegraph reported that parents won’t routinely be told about boys who identify as girls in their child's troop because of privacy concerns:

There are concerns, however, that sharing accommodation and personal facilities will threaten the safety and privacy of girls, especially as parents of younger members would not be automatically told if their daughter was sharing such facilities.

The guidance states that it is not “best practice” to inform parents that a trans person will be attending a residential event.

The privacy of girls sharing a bathroom with a boy who identifies as a girl is not considered over that of the boy.

A recent survey done by the Girl Guides showed that most girls wanted a “girls-only safe space.”

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This has been a decade of huge changes for the UK Girl Guides.

BBC reported that in 2013, the Girl Guides dropped “God” from its Girl Guide Promise:

It comes after a consultation found a new Girlguiding UK promise was needed to include “more explicitly” the non-religious and those of other faiths.

They currently vow to “to love my God, to serve my Queen and my country”.

The new oath drops the reference for the first time since Guides began in 1910 and will see them promise to “be true to myself and develop my beliefs”.

The new Promise reads:

I promise that I will do my best, to be true to myself and develop my beliefs, to serve the Queen and my community, to help other people and to keep the [Girl] Guide Law.

The Telegraph reported that the British government does not require people to undergo “demeaning” tests to get a medical diagnosis about their “acquired gender.” They can self-identify.

The Girl Guides haven’t said how many, if any, transgender Guides are in its organization.

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