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At a California Assembly committee meeting on sexual harassment, political activist Christine Pelosi accused state lawmakers of covering up incidents of abuse — including “molestation."

Pelosi, the daughter of U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, claimed that the “house is on fire” and said there were sexual predators roaming the capitol in Sacramento:

“We have rapists in this building. We have molesters among us. There are perpetrators, enforcers and enablers in this building causing a clear and present danger to the public and to the people here. And we know who they are. A lot of us know who they are. And we find out through that whisper network. We find out because people do tell, people do talk. They just don’t come forward.

[ ... ]

What we have learned as adults is that the victim sublimates and bears of the silence and the perpetrator gets to move on because, you know what? The public doesn’t know. Their constituents don’t know. Voters don’t know. This body, up until yesterday, had a hand picked member of the leadership who had molested somebody as a staffer. That person should never have been your brother in the assembly, much less been your leader. That’s what’s wrong. We have rapists in the house, we have molesters in the house.”

Christine Pelosi oversees Democratic activist "boot camps” and is the chairwoman of a group called the California Women’s Caucus.

Though she claimed "we know who” the “molesters” and “rapists” are, the former sex crimes prosecutor did not name names.

But Pelosi likened efforts by lawmakers to protect harassers, “molesters,” and “rapists” from being outed to how the Roman Catholic Church hid pedophile priests.

KQED radio reports that the day before the Assembly Rules Committee where the younger Pelosi testified, an Assemblyman quit because of sexual harassment allegations.

The younger Pelosi’s reaction to sexual harassment was much different than her mother’s, who on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” called Rep. John Conyers, who is accused of sexual harassment, an “icon”:

People immediately noticed the difference in their reactions:

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi reversed course and called for Conyers’s resignation.

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